Answer To Prayer

Today God really opened my eyes to the power of prayer. I honestly couldn’t name a time where I specifically remember having God answer a prayer and me physically seeing it and understanding it. Today that all changed. We had been having some technical issues at HSM and it was starting to become a headache. We know we need someone/more than one person who knew what they were doing to really help out. So we did what we could do, and we prayed about it. Little did we know that only two days later got would go above and beyond answer our prayer. Today he showed us 3 different people who were knowledgable, open and willing to help out with our tech stuff. It’s amazing how when we least expect it God provides us with way more than we need. I think this really sums up our ministry. That we trust in God, we pray, we love the kids, we don’t try to force things, and God continues to amaze us every single week as we continue to grow in numbers and in our Faith in Jesus Christ. It truly is a humbling experience and only solidifies in my heart how crucial these past 5ish months have been, and how God is showing me that he is my way, the only path that I need to be following.


Philippians 2:3-4 

Sunday in Junior High we talked about humility. In my life, humility is something that I never have really worried about because I always felt that I was “humble.” I look at who I am and where I’ve been and think “well I wasn’t all flashy, I wasn’t a show off, I wasn’t cocky,” assuming that those are the only opposites of humility. But then I start to think… what if there is more to being humble than not being cocky or big-headed. Maybe there are some ways in my life that I am being completely the opposite of humble. A lot of these stem from the mind. It seems as though we may be this humble, majestic person on the outside, but our mind can be eaten alive, especially with the influences from today’s society. In Philippians 2 it says that we are to do nothing for the glory of ourselves, and that we are to always put others before ourselves. What a difficult task! It seems like so often I get caught up in “who am I, how am I looking, how does my singing voice sound?” rather than ” How is so and so doing, or what can I do for this person.” Jesus was the epitome of Humility. As it says in Philippians, Jesus humbled himself, lower than the lowest, and he took the nails for our cross, the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate act of humility. It should be our goal, my goal, as a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, to put all others before myself, to glorify God, and to love others in order for them to find Christ.